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Please note:

All of our jewelry is handmade to order, meaning they can take 2–7 days to create and another 3-5 for shipping.
Thank you so much in advance for supporting my small business!

Mini Celestial Strawberry Earrings
  • Mini Celestial Strawberry Earrings

    Presenting our Enchanted Orchard Collection!


    Experience the Enchanted Orchard Collection, where celestial charm meets natural wonder.


    These earrings come with a stud attachemtn by default.


    The Celestial Strawberry Earrings feature a trio of strawberries: one grand berry, flanked by a smaller sibling and a delicate blossom, as if freshly plucked from a secret garden under the sun's gentle glow. Wear these earrings to embrace abundance, growth, and the beauty of nature's mysteries, carrying the magic of the orchard with you wherever you go.


    These beautiful fruits are meticulously crafted in small batches, ensuring each piece is uniquely charming. This also means there will be slight variations in color, size, and shape. Just like a real piece of fruit! They truly are one of a kind!


    Indulge in adorable comfort with our lightweight, nickel-free earrings! These charming fruits feature either 18k gold or Sterling silver attachments - all are coated, not filled, and have stainless steel or pure iron interiors.


    Want a unique color size or style? Shoot Megan and an email or DM on Instagram! And follow our jewelry journey @windyprairiejewelry on Instagram or TikTok!

    • Storage and Care

      Storage and care!

      - Store your earrings in a dry and clean place.

      -Avoid getting perfumes and cosmetics, directly on the earrings. This may cause discoloration or damage

      - Clean with a damp cloth gently as some painted parts can be rubbed off.

      - Earrings will stay in the best shape when kept dry. Try not to wear when showering, swimming, or any other water related activities.

      - Be careful not to bend or drop! They are durable but are of course meant to be treated with care!

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