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All of our jewelry is handmade to order, meaning they can take 2–7 days to create and another 3-5 for shipping.
Thank you so much in advance for supporting my small business!

Multi- Media Pet Portrait
  • Multi- Media Pet Portrait

    Our Multi-Media Pet Portrait is the perfect way to celebrate your furry friend.


    Portraits come in a variety of sizes to give everyone the opportunity to have cherished custom artwork made. 


    Please see below our Order Process and Shipping.


    This custom hand-painted portrait is created using a combination of watercolor, colored pencil, and gouache painting techniques on archival materials.


    The portrait includes a background of your choice to perfectly capture your pet's personality.


    This unique piece of art is a timeless treasure that you and your pet will cherish for years to come.


    Order your Multi-Media Pet Portrait today and add a special touch to your home decor.

    • Order Process and Shipping

      After ordering, you will receive a confirmation email in 1–3 days. Please reply to that email with your pet's most beloved 3–5 photos.

      If you have any issues replying to the email with your photos, please email your photos to with your pet's name in the subject line.

      Please be sure to note any special dates for your artwork. Any sooner than 3 weeks must be noted to get the most optimal service.

      Within 1 week of ordering, you will receive a sketch update of your pets' portrait for review. This will be the only time we allow for major edits or revisions without extra fees.

      When your portrait is finished in (1-3 weeks time), we will also send a photo for your final review! Minor changes can be made at this time with no additional fees.

      Once approved, your portrait will be shipped. Shipping takes 3–5 days in the USA and is paid for by the customer. Please keep in mind large holidays like Christmas will affect this by up to 10 days additionally.

      Please also feel free to add any additional information about your pet you would like to. Any suggestions of backgrounds, toys, collar, etc. are appreciated.

      We love to hear about a pet's life and your special relationship. It brings us a huge amount of joy and helps bring your artwork to life. To know more about your beloved animal is to be able to capture them most accurately. This is of course not required!

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