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Please note:

All of our jewelry is handmade to order, meaning they can take 2–7 days to create and another 3-5 for shipping.
Thank you so much in advance for supporting my small business!

Flower Bud Earrings
  • Flower Bud Earrings

    Presenting our Enchanted Botanicals Collection!

    *please note our prices have adjusted slightly to help compensate for the increase in supply costs*

    These beautiful flowers are meticulously crafted in small batches, ensuring each piece is uniquely charming. This also means there will be slightly variations in color, size and shape. Just like a real flower! They really are one of a kind!

    Indulge in adorable comfort with our lightweight, nickel-free earrings! These charming florals feature either an 18k gold or Sterling silver attachments - all are coated not filled and have stainless steel interiors.

    Elevate your whimsicalness with our enchanting earrings, embracing day-long charm and elegance in every delicate detail!

    Want a unique color size or style? Shoot Megan and an email or Dm on Instagram!

    And follow our jewelry journey @windyprairiejewelry on Instagram or TikTok

    • Storage and Care

      Storage and care!

      - Store your earrings in a dry and clean place.

      -Avoid getting perfumes and cosmetics, directly on the earrings. This may cause discoloration or damage

      - Clean with a damp cloth gently as some painted parts can be rubbed off.

      - Earrings will stay in the best shape when kept dry. Try not to wear when showering, swimming, or any other water related activities.

      - Be careful not to bend or drop! They are durable but are of course meant to be treated with care!

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